• The Art


Chainmaille is the ancient technique of weaving many individual rings together to form something new.  Originally designed as a way to produce flexible armor, chainmaille soon began to be used for jewelry purposes.  Modern chainmaille is used to create jewelry with texture and movement unparalleled by other jewelry making techniques. 

All chainmaille pieces are handwoven, and then each link is either individually welded closed for exceptional strength and wearability (all while maintaining flexibility), or the entire piece is torch fused together to form bonds at every touchpoint, creating a solid work of jewelry art. Some pieces are made from a blending of techniques.

Any chainmaille design that isn't fused, is welded.  What this means is that as I weave the piece, I weld each link shut one at a time, to maintain flexibility, while providing exception strength and wearability.

Welded chainmaille is smooth, slinky, deceptively durable, and delightfully beautiful.  Truly a unique experience.

Argentium Silver has the unique property of being able to be fused to itself at high temperatures.  This makes it ideal for creating solid pieces out of chainmaille — taking what was once hundreds of rings, and fusing it into one solid piece.  This gives strength, stability, and wearability to my designs.

I carefully fuse pieces by hand using a small torch.  Just a bit too much heat, and the whole piece can melt into a small puddle of molten metal.  It's exciting!

All forged pieces are skillfully formed and forged by hand using ancient hammering techniques, making each piece slightly unique and very special.

There's nothing like creating beautiful lines and swirls through the wielding of a well-balanced hammer.


Argentium Silver is a high-karat sterling silver that is purer and whiter than traditional sterling silver, and made exclusively from recycled silver.

Argentium Silver contains no nickel, and less copper than traditional sterling.  An element named Germanium is added to the alloy, which gives Argentium its unique tarnish-resistance and fusing properties.

Argentium Silver is also hypoallergenic, making it ideal for wearers who have issues coming into contact with other metals.  This makes it an especially excellent option for first-time earrings wearers.

All of my Argentium Silver pieces are properly kiln fired and finished for optimal strength and tarnish resistance.

For when only gold will do, I use nothing but solid 18k gold.

18k gold is 75% pure gold.  While not hypoallergenic like Argentium Silver, very few wearers have issues with 18k gold, because of its relatively high purity.

18k gold fuses effortlessly to Argentium Silver, making it the perfect companion metal.


American mined gemstones are natural gemstones that are harvested right here in the USA.

American mined sapphires come from Montana, while American mined rubies come from Wyoming.

Enjoy natural gemstones from locally (and ethically) mined sources.

American manufactured gemstones include Renaissance brand diamonds, and moissanite created by Charles & Colvard — grown and cut right here in the USA.

Moissanite is the perfect diamond alternative.  At a MOHS hardness of 9.25, it is nearly as hard as diamond.  Brilliant and white, Moissanite is the most popular gemstone I sell.

And for when only a diamond will do, I use USA created Renaissance brand diamonds.  Get the classic gemstone, without the ethical price tag.

Whenever possible, I utilize gemstones in my designs that are either American mined or American manufactured.  However, that can sometime limit what I am able to create.

When I am unable to find American gemstones, I still strive to find the most ethical (first world labor) and environmentally friendly (usually manufactured) options.

See each listing for specific information on stones used.


Pieces with a Natural Argentium Silver finish utilize the natural bright white color of Argentium, and accentuate it with a brilliant high-polish finish.

Pieces with an Oxidized Argentium Silver finish are submerged in a liver of sulfur mixture to darken the entire piece, then the raised areas are polished back to a brilliant luster, to give contrast between the elevated and receded elements of the design.

This accentuates the texture and complexity of chainmaille designs, while giving a gentle depth to forged pieces.

Mixed Metal pieces are usually given an oxidized finish, to show off the brightness of the 18k gold, which does not react or darken from the liver of sulfur bath.