"Bramble" Flexible Chainmaille Ring

Flexible chainmaille ring, handwoven into an intricate pattern, with each link individually welded closed. This gives the ring excellent texture, strength, and wearability.

Due to the repeating chain pattern, only certain sizes can be made. However, since these rings are flexible, they fit a little differently than rigid rings, and they can fit a broader range of sizes. If the ring doesn't fit, you are always welcome to return or exchange it.

Flexible Chainmaille
All Links Welded Closed
Made to Order
Width: 4.7mm (3/16th")
Thickness: 3mm (1/8th")
Natural or Oxidized Finish
Argentium Silver
Nickel Free and Hypoallergenic

 ❁ Every piece of Femailler jewelry is handmade by the artist, Deborah Wilson Taylor, in her home studio in Austin, Texas.




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Oxidized Argentium Silver
Natural Argentium Silver